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Bodywork Descriptions

DEEP TISSUE STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION Throughout the session the patient is placed in a number of different positions, not just left in the standard position of lying on the stomach. Patients will move from their back to their front, to their sides and sometimes will be placed in a seated position. This allows for the body to be worked from a number of angles. The therapist uses his hands, arms and elbows to work the connective and muscle tissue. The clients are also active during the treatment, as they are asked about their movement patterns, and also need to breathe into the areas being worked or to move the joints.  Includes postural assessment.  Sports bar & shorts required.

HEALING ENERGY is the "laying of hands" on fully dressed client to restore body, mind, spirit and heart.

HOT STONE MASSAGE are warm stones that are massaged over strategic points of your body to help your body relax and reduce tension.

INTEGRATIVE MASSAGE is a customized technique is based on the idea that not just one massage is right for every person or can solve every problem.  That is why through using a variety of different techniques every individual problem of the body can be targeted and addressed with its own approach, producing optimal results. It supports a holistic mind-body approach to wellness. (techniques such as swedish massage, light stretching, myofascial focus work, acupressure, reflexology, hot stones, cupping, qua sha and energy - depends on the client and their needs.)

PRE-NATAL MASSAGE helps ease tension to help with relaxation and pain relief - while keeping mom and baby safe and comfortable.  It can help alleviate pregnancy back pain and increase blood circulation, which can provide more oxygen and nutrients to the baby.

REFLEXOLOGY is an ancient therapeutic modality that stimulates the reflex points in your feet, hands and ears that correlate to your organs in your body.  It increases your blood flow, circulation and heals your body's muscle tension and stress.



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